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Classic Rocking Shaker SK-R1807-E
Features: Compact,rocking shakers with ideal shaking motion, for a maximum shaking weight..
DBS-604 Laboratory Platform Shaker
 the DBS-604 model is ideal for staining and destaining gels, washing blots and general mixi..
Digital orbital shaker Sea Star
Digital orbital shaker Sea Star Circular movement Plates, petri dishes, glass plung..
Microplate Shaker
NovaShake-B323 micro plate shaker has DC brushless motor for shaking drive, mainly applied in PCR..
orbital shaker KJY-016
no noise, reasonable rotating speed and compact design. It is applicable to the epidemic preventi..
Orbital Shaker NovaShake series
Senova Orbital Shaker is designed for shaking, mixing and aeration applications. It is compactwit..
Reciprocating-revolution Shift Shaking Incubator RS-series
Features ABS engineering plastic or powder coated steel construction with LCD display of ..
Rocking Mixer KJY-007
It's used for running gel separate spectral band, fixing, rocking when dyeing, crocking for Cooma..
SK-O/L180-E Analog Orbital Shaker & Linear Shaker
Orbital and Linear Digital Shakers provide smooth and quiet motions for mixing in culture dishes,..
SK-O330-Pro Digital Orbital Shaker (7.5 Kg)
SK-O330-Pro Digital Orbital Shaker Features:    Easy-to-read backit LCD displ..

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