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From R&D to production scale autoclavalble and SIP Fermenters-Bioreactors

Benchtop Bioreactors - Fermenters of Solaris represent the ideal solution for all necessities in the field of research, teaching and little scale production due to their flexibility and simplicity in use.

The flexibility is guaranteed by a broad range of alternatives according to the needs and requirements.

Autoclavable and in situ sterilizable, with mechanic agitation, electric thermostatting, water recirculation loop or chiller system for bacterial or cell cultures, batch or continuous, different automization and process control grade, wide possibility of sensors installation.

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I series SIP Industrial scale bioreactor-fermenters
SIP Pilot scale bioreactors - fementers Bioreactors - Fermenters of..
IO Parallel Mini Bioreactors Fermenters
Benefits Up to 24 units managed with one HMI ..
  Next generation of Autoclavable R&D bioreactors/fermenters 10 good r..
M series Standard sterilizable in place solutions
Standard sterilizable in place solutions M series are steam in plac..
S series - SIP pilot scale bioreactors/fermenters
SIP pilot scale bioreactors - fermenters S SERIES bioreactors / fer..

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