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Next generation of Autoclavable R&D bioreactors/fermenters

Next generation of Autoclavable R&D bioreactors/fermenters

Autoclavable R&D bioreactors/fermenters

10 good reasons to invest in Jupiter:

  • 1 TMFC in the entry model. Gas mixing: up to 5 TMFC (Air, CO2, N2, O2 and Overlay).
  • 18.5” touch display
  • Leonardo: smart controller designed to provide an high level of automated management of the fermentation processes. Remote Control, 100% assistance from our office
  • Up to 4 vessels managed with one station
  • N.4 assignable peristaltic pumps, all speed controlled
  • Compact master control station.
    Universal power supply 100-240 V. Rear module with 3 removable technical trays (power, control, process) to facilitate the after sales service
  • Weight control through load cells as optional
  • Sterile multiple sampling system
  • Multiple choice of sensors: pH gel electrodes, polarographic or optical dO2 , traditional analogs or digital with diagnostic analisys. 
    Redox measurement (with digital pH) included in the entry model. Turbidity, CO2measurement in option, anyway located in the master control station
  • Brushless motors, from 1 to 2000 RPM

Jupiter has shocked the market of R&D fermenters/bioreactors with a pre-packed high tech innovative solution, ready out of the box at a terrific price.

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