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The Quantum combined unrivaled ease of use and gel imaging performance. You just need one click to the image without.


·         Optional epi or trans-illumination options

·         Interchangeable application pad for UV, blue, green or red fluorescence

·         10 positions filter wheel

·         10 narrow band filters available from 440 to 850nm

Ideal For Quantification

·         Reproducible and comparable quantification data

·         ImageMaster™ technology to obtain the optimum image for quantification

·         Scientific TIFF file or proprietary file format

·         Clarity™ technology for razor sharp band revelation without affecting data integrity

Complete & Practical

·         Small footprint

·         Large door opening

·         Motorized zoom lens

·         USB-3 interface

·         Additional free software for image editing and image analysis: molecular weight calculation, band quantification & distance calculation

Easy & Intuitive

·         One click to get the image

·         Auto-exposure and auto-focus

·         Automatic light illumination according to your application

·         Protocol driven image acquisition




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