BS-series Benchtop shaker incubator

BS-series Benchtop shaker incubator
BS-series Benchtop shaker incubator BS-series Benchtop shaker incubator BS-series Benchtop shaker incubator BS-series Benchtop shaker incubator BS-series Benchtop shaker incubator
Brand: Senova Labtech Senova Labtech
Product Code: BS-XXXX
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Designed to incubate, ferment and crossbreed for the bacteria in medical, biology, environment laboratory and scientific research.



  • Benchtop and floor standing dual-purpose design
  • Powder-coated steel construction with LCD display(with backlight) of set and working parameters. 
  • Stainless steel chamber. Large toughened glass window to view temperature, speed and time.
  • Single-shaft drive technology, quite and durable
  • Reciprocating or revolutionary shaking mode
  • Constant temperature and refrigeration are optional
  • Maximum capacity up to 2L for BS-3031/3032/3033
  • Speed range extensible to 30-400/600rpm
  • P.I.D environmental scanning micro-processing controller
  • High/low limit over temperature acoustic & visual alarm, high/low limitover speed alarm, stop-running
  • protection for door opening, electriccurrent leakage and over load protection. Automatically cut off power
  • supply in case of motor overheating, temperature out of control or abnormal over-temperature
  • Repeat, increment (step) and 8-segment curve programming setting
  • CFC-free refrigeration system (BS-3031/3032/3033)
  • Pneumatic spring support for stable lid opening
  • Power-failure recovery, parameter memory, temperature/speed calibration, time display, and speed saving.
  • 60W AC inductive long-life brushless motor, with wide speed regulation, constant torque, constant speed of
  • rotation, and maintenance-free
  • Acceleration control circuit ensures soft start, smooth acceleration and safety of samples
  • Optional:
  • -UV lamp, humidity testing/control system, gas inlet, illumination system.
  • -BS-3031 Only: 
  • Printer,refrigeration(RT-10℃~60℃,minimum 4℃), colour soft touch LCD screen, external humidifier, WIFI
  • real-time record, data (temp and speed) curve display and programming control by a PC (20 Units for one PC )




Flask specifications  BS-3021/3022 BS-3011/3012/3013 BS-3031/3032/3033 
Triangle Flask (PCS)  50ml - 9 4 16 5 25
100ml 9 9 4 16 5 20
250ml - 5 3 12 4 16
500ml - - 3 9 3 9
1000ml - - - 5 - 9
2000ml - - - - - 5
Tube Rack 
15ml - - - - - -
18ml - 56 - 104 - 120
20ml - - - - - -
Special size Available both for stainless steel and ABS plastic
Spring Tray
Standard Size 260x260x80mm 400x370x80mm 420x400x80mm
Special Size To be customized 
I.Flask clamps are offered as standard configuration while springtray, tube holder and microplate are also available alternatively. 
II.Standard quantity is offered as default configuration in case of no special request. For more quantity, it needs to order additionally. 
III. Other sizes listed above can be offered as standard configuration to replace the size with standard quantity alternatively. 
IV. Clamps of other sizes are available.
Model BS-3021 BS-3022 BS-3011 BS-3012 BS-3013 BS-3031 BS-3032 BS-3033
Control P.I.D.(Environmental Scanning Microprocessor)
Display LCD(simultaneous display of working & set parameters) 
Convection Mode Forced Convection
Oscillation Mode Revolution Revolution Revolution Revolution Reciprocating Revolution Revolution Reciprocating
Drive Single-shaft balance device
Working Environment Temperature: 25℃.Humidyty 20%-90%
Temp. Range RT+5℃-60℃ RT-15℃-60℃(Minimum:4℃)
Temp Accuracy ±0.1℃
Temp. Uniformity ±0.25℃
Speed Range(rpm) 30-400 30-600 30-400 30-600 30-300 30-400 30-600 30-300
Speed Accuracy ±1rpm
Oscillation Amplitude Φ25mm  Φ0-50mm Φ25mm  Φ0-50mm Φ25mm Φ25mm Φ0-50mm Φ25mm
Refrigerant / / / / / CFC-Free(134A) 
Heater Power 150W 400W
Timing Range 0-500 hr/Continuous
Tray Size(mm)  260x260 400x370  420x400
Net Weight 31kg 72kg 100kg
Gross Weight  54kg 94kg 132kg
Chamber Size 360x340x280(DxWxH,mm) 410x450x300(DxWxH,mm) 460x500x350(DxWxH,mm)
Overall Dimensions 440x410x420(DxWxH,mm) 610x610x510(DxWxH,mm) 740x740x560(DxWxH,mm)
Packing Size 560x530x560(LxWxH,mm) 740x710x530(LxWxH,mm) 805x900x760(LxWxH,mm)
Power Supply AC 200-240V/50-60HZ. Optional: AC110V/60Hz 
Power 280W 490W 580W
Chamber Material Polished Stainless Steel 
Construction ABS engineering plastic 


For more information and order contact us at 054-6490991

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