LED Digital Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer MS7-H550-S

LED Digital Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer MS7-H550-S
LED Digital Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer MS7-H550-S
Brand: Dlab Dlab
Product Code: DL813222027777
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7 inch square hotplate magnetic stirrers are widely used in chemical synthesis, physical and chemical analysis, bio-pharmaceuticals and other fields.

PID temperature technology precise controls heating process, rapidly reaches target temperature and enhances control accuracy, heating temperature up to 550°C.
7 inch square magnetic stirrers have glass ceramic plate extremely resistant to corrosion and easy to clean. The heating models are suitable for external temperature sensor PT1000, display and control actual medium temperature.

Features of MS7-H550-S

  •  LED display target and actual temperatures
  • External temperature sensor PT1000 is available, display and control actual medium temperature, control accuracy of ±1°C
  • Separated safety circuits, fixed safety temperature of 580℃, automatically stops heating once exceed secure temperature
  • HOT warning indicates residual hotplate temperature. LCD display would show “Hot” when hotplate temperature over 50°C warning point, even if switched off

MS7-H550-Pro LCD Digital Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer Specifications:


Hotplate/Stirrer : MS7-H550-Pro
Temp range : Ambient - 550°C
Speed range : 100-1500rpm
Temp accuracy at plate : ±1(100°C)
Temp control accuracy of liquid using PT- 1000 Sensor : ±0.2°C
Temp increments : 1°C
Heat output : 1000W
Max. Stirring Qty. : 20 Liters
Heating rate (1 liter water) : 6K/min
Speed/Heat display : LCD (backlit)
Motor type : DC Brushless
Plate size : 7 x 7"
Plate material : Ceramic-Glass
Dimensions : 14"L x 8.5"W x 4.5"H
Weight : 11lbs


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