X-Flo76 Membrane Screening System

X-Flo76 Membrane Screening System
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Primary Membrane Screening:

Membrane screening system used in filtration steps for bioprocessing and separation of biomolecules (e.g. monoclonal antibodies).

The challenge of membrane screening is to complete preliminary evaluation of several membranes candidate economically and efficiently. Economically means using only smallest amounts of process solution typically available at this stage of process development. Efficiently means being able to rely on the results generated to determine scale-up. In other words, only having to do it once!

Enhanced Scale-Up Screening Performance:
Traditionally, membrane screening is performed using stirred cells, where membrane discs are placed in holders with a magnetic stir bar, a vacuum is pulled and an analysis of flux vs. selectivity is performed for each disc. The general concern is that this process is not truly representative of the cross-flow or trans-membrane pressure (TMP) conditions experienced in membrane cassette devices. To address this concern, TangenX has developed the patented "spiral" flow path in the X-Flo76 that allows fluid to be directed across the surface of the membrane, creating cross-flow shear conditions that are more representative of true scale-up. Unlike traditional stirred cells, the X-Flo76 uses a pump as the filtration driving force for better TMP control and optimal scale-up screening performance.

Benefit of Selecting X-Flo76:

  • Efficient predictable membrane screening
  • Representative tangential flow characteristics
  • Convenient processing of 15-500 mL
  • Quick, easy assembly

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