Soil Genomic DNA Kit

Soil Genomic DNA Kit
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CommaXP™ soil genomic DNA kit is based on Biocomma’s proprietary silica membrane purification technology, capable of quickly extracting and purifying genomic DNA from fresh soil samples, such as farmland soil, flower bed soil and mud. The optimized buffer system included in this kit can remove humic acids and other impurities as much as possible, then lyses bacterial cells to release DNA which efficiently adsorbs into silica membrane within the binding column. After cleaning residual impurities up with washing solution, pure genomic DNA can be obtained by eluting with eluting solution.

Purified DNA is suitable for downstream applications such as restriction digestion, PCR amplification, library preparation and other molecular biology experiments.

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MNP004-1 CommaXP TM Soil Genomic DNA Kit, 50 Preps 50 Preps/Kit


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