GenBuilder Cloning Kit

GenBuilder Cloning Kit
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GenBuilder® DNA Assembly

GenScript's GenBuilder® DNA Assembly technology takes recombination-based cloning to the next level. Pushing the bounds of innovation, the GenBuilder® technology allows for seamless fusion of one to twelve gene fragments with the highest efficiency. Whether using fragments longer than 5 kb, unpurified PCR products, single stranded DNA inserts, or have only fifteen minutes to complete the cloning reaction- the GenBuilder® DNA Assembly technology helps you build your constructs quickly and accurately.

GenBuilder® perfectly pairs with GenScript's GenParts® DNA Fragments service. This service enables synthesis of your gene fragments (100-2,000 bp) with delivery in as few as 2 days. The DNA fragments thus generated can be cloned directly into any vector of your choice using the GenBuilder®DNA Assembly.

Seamless cloning made easy as 1-2-3!

PCR cloning kit

Short assembly time

  • DNA Assembly works with unpurified PCR fragments


  • Incubation in the enzyme mix for only 15 minutes

Highest cloning efficiency in the industry

  • Rigorously tested among 8 DNA assembly kits

Consistent performance

  • Quality control by assembling 12 fragments with >90% positive rate

  • Performance verified by >1,000 reactions per day in production line


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GenBuilderᵀᴹ Cloning Kit - 50 Reactions
GenBuilderᵀᴹ Cloning Kit - 10 Reactions
GenBuilderᵀᴹ Plus Cloning Kit - 50 Reactions
GenBuilderᵀᴹ Plus Cloning Kit - 10 Reactions


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