GenScript SurePAGE, Bis-Tris, 10 cm x 8 cm gels are high-performance precast mini polyacrylamide gels with a special design that allows large sample loading volumes.

The unique formulation of the gel and cassette design enables superior band resolution and significantly improved band evenness. SurePAGE gels are cast in a neutral pH buffer that minimizes polyacrylamide hydrolysis, increases gel stability and minimizes protein modification.

SurePAGE gels guarantee excellent batch-to-batch consistency and a reliable protein migration pattern. With specially formulated Tris-MOPS running buffer, proteins can be separated quickly and efficiently for subsequent detection by staining or Western blotting.

SurePAGE, Bis-Tris, 10x8 gels are available in gradient (4-20%, 4-12%, and 8-16%) and homogeneous (8%, 10%, 12% and 15%) concentrations. Each gel concentration has comb configurations of 10-well, 12-well and 15-well.

Maximum Loading Volume: 60 µl

Compatible Gel Tanks

  • Bio-Rad Mini-PROTEAN® II & 3*
  • Bio-Rad Mini-PROTEAN®Tetra System*
  • Invitrogen Novex XCell I, II, & Surelock® (Use GenScript Gel Tank Adapter Plates)
  • LONZA PAGEr® Minigel Chamber
  • Hoefer Mighty Small (SE 260/SE 250)
  • Hoefer Tall Mighty Small (SE 280) 

*please reverse the gasket, see manual for details or contact us.

Gel Thickness1.0 mm
Gel ChemistryBis-Tris
Gel FormatMini Gels
Storage2-8* C
Shelf Life12 months
Running Buffer RecommendationsTris-MOPS SDS or MES SDS

SurePAGE™ gels ordering list

Cat. No.

Product Name


SurePAGE™, Bis-Tris, 10x8, 4-12%, 10 wells - 10 PK/BOX


SurePAGE™, Bis-Tris, 10x8, 4-12%, 12 wells - 10 PK/BOX


SurePAGE™, Bis-Tris, 10x8, 4-12%, 15 wells - 10 PK/BOX


SurePAGE™, Bis-Tris, 10x8, 4-20%, 10 wells - 10 PK/BOX


SurePAGE™, Bis-Tris, 10x8, 4-20%, 12 wells - 10 PK/BOX


SurePAGE™, Bis-Tris, 10x8, 4-20%, 15 wells - 10 PK/BOX


SurePAGE™, Bis-Tris, 10x8, 8-16%, 10 wells - 10 PK/BOX


SurePAGE™, Bis-Tris, 10x8, 8-16%, 12 wells - 10 PK/BOX


SurePAGE™, Bis-Tris, 10x8, 8-16%, 15 wells - 10 PK/BOX


SurePAGE™, Bis-Tris, 10x8, 8%, 10 wells - 10 PK/BOX


SurePAGE™, Bis-Tris, 10x8, 8%, 12 wells - 10 PK/BOX


SurePAGE™, Bis-Tris, 10x8, 8%, 15 wells - 10 PK/BOX


SurePAGE™, Bis-Tris, 10x8, 10%, 10 wells - 10 PK/BOX


SurePAGE™, Bis-Tris, 10x8, 10%, 12 wells - 10 PK/BOX


SurePAGE™, Bis-Tris, 10x8, 10%, 15 wells - 10 PK/BOX


SurePAGE™, Bis-Tris, 10x8, 12%, 10 wells - 10 PK/BOX


SurePAGE™, Bis-Tris, 10x8, 12%, 12 wells - 10 PK/BOX


SurePAGE™, Bis-Tris, 10x8, 12%, 15 wells - 10 PK/BOX

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SurePAGEᵀᴹ, Precast Gels

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